Niitaka Pears (4 Boxes)



Niitaka Pears (4 Boxes)


Niitaka Nashi (Japanese Premium Pears)

The Niitaka Nashi Pear Set Comes with 4 Boxes of Premium Niitaka Nashi Pears. 1 Box 4 Piece

And 1 Box of Japan’s Assorted Seasonal Fruit Free (While Stocks Last)

The Niitaka pear, a popular variety of Asian pears, originated in Kochi prefecture. Harigi, Kochi began cultivation in 1930 and is without a doubt the birthplace of the Niitaka Asian pear.

In this area, warm winds blow in the daytime from the Pacific Ocean while cool winds blow from the Niyodo River at night.

This difference in temperature is key to making the pears to grow deliciously. Alongside an increase in cultivation techniques that have been fostered for many years, Harigi has become the leading pear production area in Japan.

It has a natural flavor, light, crispy texture and its strong sweetness is a lot like a juice. It is without a doubt a pear variety that has a deliciousness worthy of the name King of Pears.



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